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The Specialized Demo Is Back!

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2011 at 5:48 PM

By: Eric Taylor – Hutch’s Sales

Monday August 22nd we will again combine the demo with the monday night road ride. However, this year the ride will be leaving from Evviva ( @ 6pm. Specialized will be here by 5:30 with bikes setup for customers to check out. Please show up early if you are going to take a bike so that we can setup seat heights and swap pedals.


I will again have a signup list for this night. I would like to reserve this night for those really interested in a particular model. This night is designed to give you the opportunity to test out the potential bike of your dreams that just needs the longer ride to be sure. I will update the blog with bikes available when I get the list.


Tuesday August 23rd from 4 to 8pm we will be setting up at the Calvarly Fellowship Church. They are located on the corner of west amazon and fox hollow. Tuesday night will be a great opportunity to test out road and mountain bikes. I would encourage customers to do shorter rides and take out multiple models this night.


With this location, you will also be able to give a mountain bike a decent test on the ridgeline trail. The loop is short enough that you will be able to get a couple rides in and check out different bikes.


I will update the blog as things progress. We are looking forward to a really fun night and a great opportunity to check out models in a way that you just can’t get at the store.


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