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The Tuesday Night Tradition Returns.

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By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

Just a good time. Every Spring everyone that even drives by Hutch’s Bicycle Shop can sense the excitement. It’s time once again for the world to come to a standstill, for the finest athletes (within a twenty mile radius of Eugene, OR) to

Our official mascot, Marty Lisk!

assemble and head to the first of many Hutch’s Race Series races. The wonderment in the eyes of children lining the streets, the glory of the weekly champion and the amazing hotdogs and soda at turn number two. It is time ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages to participate in greatness once again.

The McBeth Hill Climb Time Trial series kicks off next Tuesday night March 6, registration starts at 5:30. Then every Tuesday following for the whole month.

We’ll be riding our bikes uphill as fast as we can so come on out and join us! Nearly everyone who rides a bike should come out. There can’t possibly be anything more fun than screaming at your friends while they punish themselves climbing up one of the more challenging hills in Eugene. Who cares who gets first, who cares who gets last? Just come out and have fun!