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Taxes and Death

In Uncategorized on February 4, 2010 at 6:11 PM

It’s Tax season. At Hutch’s we’re under the same IRS laser eye as the rest of the world. I just did my taxes and like most of the population I’ll get a little return coming back to me. It won’t be much and I don’t know what I’ll do with it. Not for lack of purpose though; I could spend it on about a million different bills and I could also spend it on a ton of eye candy. I see a lot of businesses advertise that we should be spending our whole return on their stores (buying a 58 inch LCD TV, a new sofa, etc.) and I’m sure bicycle stores are doing the same.

Bike to work this spring.

I filed my taxes through an online service and noticed at the end of the online service I was actually offered to have my entire refund given to me on a Wal*Mart gift card. I can appreciate a business chasing down money wherever it can in this economy, but I feel compelled to act in a manner that might be better suited towards my community as a whole. So if you feel inclined to spend you tax return at Hutch’s this year, then thank you. However I’m not going to ask you to spend it here when we all have so many other bills and money issues to resolve. If you find yourself in a surplus  perhaps before you come down and put some money on that sub 15 pound Tarmac SL or a pair of Rolf Vigors that you might at least put a little to the Disaster Relief effort for Haiti.

Currently we’re helping Kurt (our pro mechanic) raise money for his cousins cancer fund. I gave a little to that fund and with my return I hope to give a little more, however I also recently upgraded the crank set on my new twenty-9er as well. I guess in all the things we do I feel like tax season is sort of more like the end of the year than December 31st. After I’ve gone over the paper work of the last years earnings and looked at it all in the unique perspective that is monetary value I feel incredibly relieved to have the final details of 2009 brought to a close and begin working on 2010 with my full attention.

This time of year for Hutch’s is a time of finalizing our inventory and preparing it and the store for the upcoming seasons. With foot traffic running high and having a couple of our best winter months we find ourselves in the midst of a mild winter. So with mild weather comes great riding.

I was getting coffee at Theo’s the other day talking with Doug (one of the proprietors) as he signed up for the annual Cascade Cream Puff (a hundred mile mountain bike race) about all the riding and plans for the upcoming season and how it all seemed just little more exciting than normal. Maybe it’s the cabin fever of a rough economy at home and getting small doses of the ways we as Oregonians release our tension. It could also be that we can see bright possibilities on the horizon in general. Whatever it is fueling the fire to put feet on pedals I hope it only burns hotter.

I know I am excited about this upcoming biking season. The Hutch’s Hill Climb Series put on by OBRA, then comes the Colins Cycle Shop Monday Nighter with the later setting sun, then the Tuesday Night Crits to bring the heat of summer and that’s all just a glimpse of the things happening this upcoming season. Not to mention of course Bike to Work Week.

I personally plan on getting a lot more camping done and maybe I can tie that into a bike trip or two as well.

With the transition of 2010 complete look for some exciting changes to happen at Hutch’s, and we hope that you’ll have a chance to get out and see Oregon as it’s meant to be seen, from the wheels of a bicycle.


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