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Specialized Tricross Sport – The bike to do it all.

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By Eric Taylor, Sales-Hutch’s Eugene

Cross season has been in full effect for the past couple month’s now. It’s muddy, it’s painful and it’s the best time I have ever had on a bike. After taking a 6-week trip to Europe to “find myself” I came back jonesing for some cross action and needed a bike. Being rather broke after this trip I started looking for bikes that would do it all and not break the bank. After years of selling the Tricross Sport as the do it all bike, I took my own advice and ordered one for myself.

The way I looked at it, I just couldn’t go wrong. The frame accepts huge tires, the fork is carbon and the gearing is a combination of a mountain bike cassette

Eric Climbing the Run Up.

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and a triple crank set. It makes an excellent cross bike, touring bike, winter mountain bike or just a back and forth to work bike. This bike is Rad!

As it’s cross season I have setup the bike as a race machine. I’ve got big knobby tires on it, road gearing and a single ring up front. It’s ready to take on the insanity and mud that Cross in Oregon is throwing at it. However, I have to say one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is hitting the road with it. I’m totally stoked to put some fenders on it, road tires and a set of lights as this bike rocks on the road! So far I’ve just been using the knobby tires to get back and forth, but it is still a nimble bike that I’m excited to ride every morning.

My Tricross has been one of my best purchases I’ve made and it cost about the same as the wheels I have on my road bike! They have dropped the price down $250 this year and even introduced a model that is below $1000. It’s really an amazing bike that will allow you to do anything and everything!