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our phone: (541) 345-7521


our address: 960 charnelton st. Eugene, Or 97401


Our Bright Autumn

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By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

Red leaves, the burning dust from our vents after the first fires of our furnaces, fall is here, the air is thinner, a little easier to breath. For some people it means going back to school somewhere other than Eugene, for some it means beer and barbeque scented football games. But for some it means cyclo-cross, it means getting out the fenders or the rain bike.

Above all for anyone who rides a bike it signals that time of year where biking happens a little less often. With that downtime a lot of our customers have been bringing their bikes in for repairs.Our home.

At the shop we’ve been plugging away to build new bicycles, fix old ones and ride our current bikes. In a little slower time we get to talk more, share music with each other (I’ve been listening to my old Solomon Burke CD’s). We get to learn a little bit more too with plenty of industry seminars and inner shop clinics as well as just talk about bikes in general with each other.

I love getting myself elbow deep in bike parts and tools and having a shiny, clean, great running bike come out the other side.

The fall is my favorite time of year; it’s the best time to ride a bike. It’s not blazing hot, the bike paths aren’t overcrowded, I swear the views at the top of the south hills are clearer than they’ve ever been.

Quit wasting time; don’t let a little cold weather slow you down. If it rains then that’s the best time to bring the bike in for some long overdue service. It’s nice to have great working bike ready for those rare days when the air is crisp, the leaves have settled and the rain has finished washing the streets clean.