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The Bike Shop is on Fire!

In Uncategorized on May 1, 2009 at 10:36 PM

By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

The bike shop isn’t litterally on fire. But sometimes it feels like a fire sale, that’s for sure. We’ve had more customers in our store than ever. The foot traffic is

"The obligation to produce alienates the passion to create."

"The obligation to produce alienates the passion to create."

crazy busy and the amount of new customers we’ve come to know has been astounding. Hutch’s is heading into 2009 strong as ever. An economy that has certainly put the pinch on us all has only fed a fever for local business here at Hutch’s. Each of us that works here knows that you might pay more to shop here at our store. But also know that when you pay a little more at our store that you also pay an employee a little more wage. That wage goes directly back into your local community as we strongly encourage our employees and staff to shop locally. You also pay a Hutch’s employee full insurance so that when we do get hurt it’s not your tax dollars covering some big box stores lack of insurance coverage. So in a very busy time we wanted to say thank you.


I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything for the blog. So let me catch you up a little about what’s been going on:

I got a new road bike! It’s a Specialized Roubaix, I scored the frame and moved all my Campy stuff over. I love this bike. It has got to be the best fitting, fastest bike I have ever ridden. A full carbon frame and fork with a pair of Roval Fuse wheels and I’m shaving minutes off of my time climbing up McBeth Hill. The only negative thing I can think of about the bike is why didn’t I get one sooner? Oh yeah, because they’ve redesigned the frame for 2009! They’ve created a more supple ride utilizing zertz inserts in the frame but elongating them to allow more absorption. This allowed them to make stiffer chain-stays to create a more responsive rear triangle. With the option to buy just a frame and fork to move your perfectly upgraded parts over or with up to four different high end configurations you can come away with a dream bike that matches your every whim. I would only pay about 3500 for my frame and fork had I not gone a slightly more custom route with an independent builder painting my frame. But you can also roll away with a SRAM Red equipped bike for as low as 5500. Add a pair of Rolf Elan wheels (which are on sale for a low 849) would make this bike in a size 56 weigh in at a measly 16 lbs! With their Sworks configuration bicycle it only gets lighter (but also comes at a price tag of about $7500).
Over all I think once you ride this bike the sticker price just seems to fade away… And with configurations that get you a bike that out performs and comforts any bike out there you’ll find your money well spent.

Eric has also managed to get himself a new bike as well:

In Eric’s own words:
” I’ve always held myself back from buying something I really wanted because it was too much or I didn’t ride hard enough, but this time I went for it! I got a new Giant Trance X2 as well as a couple upgrades I had always wanted. I traded the cranks for XT’s and the brakes for the new Avid Elixir CR’s. Also in the process I got a set of S-Works mountain shoes – there was no holding back this time! Last night was the first ride and I think I’m in love. Now I’ve ridden our rep’s Trance X before and knew I liked it, but to have my own with the parts I wanted really made it special. The maestro suspension climbs amazingly and the geometry inspires you to let go and just spray it downhill! This bike really makes me feel confident as a rider. It’s awesome to finally have what I really want!”

Mark and I have a new spring project: We’ve decided to build a soap box car. Staring down at us from one of the canopy displays is a champion racer from 1941. The body is carved by Bill Hutchinson for Jimmie Hutchinson out of a solid piece of lumber and won the 1941 national championship in Ohio. It was the perfect inspiration for our car. And I found this video on youtube showing some guys out of the San Fernando Valley area.

We’ve heard that Portland has a really cool adult soap box car race once a year and with the announcement of a Red Bull soap box car race in Los Angeles next fall it may mean a Portland or Seattle race will be announced soon.
In the meantime we’ll build, take pictures as we go and try to find a safe (legal) place to test our car.
Since Eugene does not have one yet then let this blog be the official announcement of Eugenes.Underground.League.Of.GentlemenY. Box Car Racers. The first adult soap box car racing society in Eugene. No meetings nor races yet but give us time, we’re just getting started.

How about you? What are you getting started on? Any rad things to do this summer? if you read this blog write me a short essay; “What I plan to do this Summer.” Two paragraphs about the coolest damned plans you’ll ever come up with. Send them in, and if the winner of the essay contest actually does what they wrote then we’ll give them a free tune up (you pay for the parts) at the end of the summer.



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