Creating a Cycling Family


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COLLINS CYCLE SHOP: Sign up for a 3D fit and recieve $50 off and a pair of footbeds for free ($95 value).

CHRIS KING: Portland’s favorite component manufacturer introduces a new bottom bracket with a full five year warranty.

Chris King Bottom Bracket--$149.95 Suggested Retail

Chris King Bottom Bracket--$149.95 Suggested Retail

Available in all the usual cool colors– a perfect compliment to your King headset.For the Best of the West sale, all Chris King components will be 20% off on March 6, 2009. Check out their website for the full range of King products available for your purchase.

CASTELLI CLOTHING: Portland’s favorite clothing to wear while buying your Chris King headset.

Castelli Superleggera 78g. Jersey--$135.00

Castelli Superleggera 70g. Jersey--$135.00

With over a hundred and thirty year old history, Castelli makes the most innovating and technologically advanced clothing in cycling. Come check out their new 70 gram Superleggera jersey, a product that has roots dating back to the 1950’s and Fausto Coppi. All Castelli products will be at least 20% off during our March 6th. Best of the West sale.

BURLEY DESIGN: The quintessential Eugene company has just celebrated their 30th year in business. Known for their

Burley Tail Wagon--$400.00

Burley Tail Wagon--$400.00

innovation and quality, Burley has a trailering product for your kids, critters or gear. Check out the full range of Burley products and take 20% off at the Best of the West sale.

CO-MOTION CYCLES: These are the people that make your cycling dreams come true. Established in 1988 to make their

Co-Motion Periscope--$4000.00

Co-Motion Periscope--$4000.00

own dreams come true, Co-Motion hit pay dirt on their very first try when their dream tandem ended up on the coveted cover of Winning Bicycle Racing Illustrated. Regarded worldwide as the finest tandem and touring manufacturer , they can also bring to life any road, cross or time trial bike you can think up. During the Best of the West sale, all Co-Motion products will be 15% off their suggested retail prices–custom bikes included.

BIKE FRIDAY: These are the people that will make you feel like a kid getting your very first bike. Often thought of as

Bike Friday Tikit--from $999.00

Bike Friday Tikit--from $999.00

a folding bike company, we like to think of them as great bikes that happen to fold. Whether you need a road, touring, commuter or tandem, Bike Friday makes the most innovative bikes on the market and they all will fit into a Samsonite suitcase. All Bike Friday products will be 15% off during our Best of the West sale.

ROLF PRIMA: The one wheel company that all cyclist can agree on. Hand-built in Eugene, Rolf wheels are known

Best all around Wheel--$999.00

Rolf Vigor: Best all around Wheel--$999.00

worldwide for their unique paired-spoke design that can be used in mud slinging, everyday riding aluminum cross wheels or for the most exoctic aerodynamic carbon TT wheels (which also can be run in the mud)! All Rolf Products will be 20% off during the best of the west sale. Maybe Rolf will bring down his personal eight-spoked (that’s four pairs) front wheel to show us.

DETOURS: If anybody is in the right place at the right time it would be Hood River’s Detours. Not only does Detours make

Detours Toocan Juicy--$75.00

Detours Toocan Juicy--$75.00

a product that all cyclists need, but they also make products that enable you to become a cyclist. With fuel prices on the upswing and the economy on the downswing, many of us are turning to cycling as our means of transportation. Check out how Guntram and Sam are turning garbage into jobs–a real stimulus program. All Detours bags will be 20% off Friday night March 6th.

SHOWERS PASS: It hardly seems fair that other rain jacket manufacturers aren’t rooted in Portland and the coast of

Showers Pass Double Century--$120.00

Showers Pass Double Century--$120.00

Northern California. How are you going to know if your rain jacket will work if you live in a place that is always sunny and in the midst of a five year drought. Showers Pass has a performance jacket for any of your needs, whether it is a trip to the market or a four hour training ride in November. Check out their website for all your options and take 20% off your purchase at the Best of the West sale.

REDLINE: Our oldest friend and the title sponsor of the Best of the West. Making bicycles since 1976, Redline has gone

Redline 9 2 5--$580.00

Redline 9 2 5--$580.00

from making one BMX fork at a time, to outfitting Olympic athletes from four different countries in Beijing. Already famous for their BMX bicycles, Redline is now taking on such new niches of 29’ers, cross and fixies. Oh, if you need a flatbar road bike they have that too. All Redline bicycles will be 15% off during the Best of the West sale. Also look for special pricing on SRAM Red and new Dura-Ace 7900 grouppos courtesy of Seattle Bike Supply–home of Redline Bicycles.

We’ll see you Friday March 6, 2009 @ 5:30 to 9:00 P.M.

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  1. […] and 10th (by the downtown library) on March 6th from 5:30-9:00 p.m. and you can get yourself, among a slew of great offers, 15% off  Bike […]

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