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More Best Of The Northwest.

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By Eric Taylor, Sales, Radness Manager-Hutch’s Eugene, Collin’s Cycle Shop

Hey! I got a quick update with a list of companies that will be attending this rad party!

Eugene based companies:


Bike Firday



Eugene Running Company

Oregon Adventures

Portland Based

Castelli Clothing

Chris King Group

Detours Bags

Washington Based

Seattle Bicycles Supply

Showers Pass

Race Mate – maker of the Computrainer


Bicycle Focused Organizations

Lee Shoemaker, City of Eugene


United Bicycle Institute

Guest Speaker

Kitty Piercy


Secret House

This should be one heck of a party and a chance to get to know your fellow cyclist. We are super stoked about the party, and we can’t wait to see you there!


A New Year.

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By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

It’s a new year in Eugene. The temperature is dropping, and the bills are rising but we aren’t letting that slow us down. Times are hard for sure. Everyone is feeling this financial crunch. I’ve sent more money to my parents these past few months than I have in a long time and I’m sure I’m not alone.

At Hutch’s we’ve decided to make the best of these times. Just this last week, Luke over at Collin’s put on a fixed gear rally. We all had a great time watching kids race from spot to spot downtown. Wet streets didn’t slow anybody down, certainly not our friend Sean Watters who won the race and our own Seqoya Hill who won the trick contest with a 360 tire tap!!

"This one time, this one time you can ask me about my business..."

"This one time, this one time you can ask me about my business..."

We’ve also been having a blast playing Rock Band and watching the Godfather.

All this fun is great but what Hutch’s and Collin’s have been talking the most about is how to get the customers involved even more in all of this.

Sure we could just have a sale and attract a few extra people to get them to spend money. But we would like to think the bike shop is more than just a place to sell you things. More like a place to help people get the most fun out of life. Hutch’s and Collin’s hire people, form business relationships and facilitate long term community involvement with this value in mind.

So we’ve decided to throw a party. We’ve gathered together the finest bicycle related businesses and local organizations in the North West.

It’s called The Best of the North-West.
We’re going to have the party right here at Hutch’s (960 Charnelton st.)
Friday March 6th at 5:30 and we’ll rap it up at about 9 p.m.

It’s obviously free. Yes, we are going to have big sale prices on bicycles and accessories, but we’re also going to have door prizes, live music from the legendary Skip Jones and Mayor Kitty Piercy will be on hand as a key speaker.

Stay tuned to the blog, we will be posting sales prices as the date for the event gets closer. This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this, we certainly all have high hopes for our event. But those hopes are a little bigger than creating a little business for Hutch’s and the other vendors. It’s a little more about getting everyone together under one roof, both customers and sellers alike and maybe just blowing off some steam, maybe share some ideas, but most of all, have fun together.