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The Holiday Cheer

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By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

I met Mark D[last name withheld for privacy] shortly after I came to work at Hutch’s Bicycles. Mark is a decidedly independent man with some other wise quite impeding disabilities that make something as simple as living on his own quite difficult. In spite of these challenges Mark not only succeeds where others might expect him to fail, he lives a life that I believe to be an excellent example for us all to follow. His only mode of transportation is by bicycle because of his disabilities. Instead of looking at this as a limitation; he has embraced it and developed quite a passion for bicycles. Currently his favorite (and only) mode of transportation is a Blue Cannondale F7. Recently he upgraded some of his components on his bikes and now he’s happier than ever. The most astounding thing is how much Mark mark1understands the tiniest details in these intricate parts that makeup a somewhat complicated mountain bike.
As a show of appreciation for his years of supporting Hutch’s we chose to help Mark a little bit and donate some additional upgrades which included changing out his 8 speed components for nine speed. Now he’s shifting as smooth and quick as ever!

Why? Well in this business we feel that appreciation can sometimes come in small doses and a good lesson from Bill Hutchinson himself was that when you are interested in your customers, they will be interested in you; so when you appreciate your customers, they to will appreciate you.


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