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Cleaning Time!

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By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

It’s cleaning time at Hutch’s. We’ve been working our butts off trying freshen the store up and in the process we’ve been finding tons of stuff that we just plain need to get rid of.

Dave's Cleaning out our drawers!

Dave's Cleaning out our drawers!

Our hard work is your reward.

We found a ton of these totally rad tires in the back, I called the boss man up and asked what he wanted to do. I thought he might put em on sale for tenbucks each and we’d be done with it. But no, he says sell ’em for 3.99 each!!!

Inventory, Warranty; Pile it up...

Inventory, Warranty; Pile it up...

The best deal on tires you’ll find. The Burough is normally a $40.00 tire, now you can have for 3.99 each. They only come in 700×40 size though. So they aren’t going to fit everyone’s bike. They’re perfect for that twenty-niner mountain bike you commute around town on though.

One Fast Tire.

One Fast Tire.

Or these Tacx Satori trainers. We’re selling this for 374.99! You can pick one of these up and head on over to the Collin’s Trainer nights!!

Keep look at our site to see if we dig up any other cool stuff and keep a look out on this blog and on the Collin’s blog for some exciting stuff coming up in the next few months!!



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By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

My grandpa carved this for me. Some how it survived the mail trip from Iowa.

People have been coming in and braving all this crappy weather to buy their loved one’s last minute presents and window shopping.

Grandpa loves woodworking.

Grandpa loves woodworking.

We’ve all been trying to keep busy. Eric, one our sales guys who broke his shoulder last summer was recently cleared to ride his bike again… If only the weather.

That doesn’t keep him off the trainer to keep in shape for the summer! You should too. Imagine how cool it would be to find a Satori Trainer underneath the tree. It might be a good New Years resolution to start working on right now. More miles and more riding this summer!

Come on in and check out the wood  carving and maybe take home a rad trainer too!

We hope everyone has a great holiday and a great new year!

Tom and the Electric Bike…

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By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

Electric bikes: What are they for? Do they work and how much do they cost?

Steam Bike

A steam powered bike?

Well the first question is easy enough. They’re for riding. They are for that person who has trouble making up to their house at the top of Chambers. Or maybe for your mother who remembers the long bike rides in Willamette Valley, but she has trouble keeping up with you on your weekend ride. Maybe they are for people who perhaps thought they could no longer go for a bike ride at all.


Tom walked in…


I recently met Tom (named changed for privacy) at Hutch’s who had come in looking for an electric bike.

He suffered some medical complications that had taken away his ability to ride a normal bike and wanted to see if the electric bike Hutch’s carried would work for him.

Hutch’s carries Giant’s current version of an electric bike, called the Twist Freedom DX.

It’s a heck of a name.

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The Holiday Cheer

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By Darren Ohl, Service Manager-Hutch’s Eugene

I met Mark D[last name withheld for privacy] shortly after I came to work at Hutch’s Bicycles. Mark is a decidedly independent man with some other wise quite impeding disabilities that make something as simple as living on his own quite difficult. In spite of these challenges Mark not only succeeds where others might expect him to fail, he lives a life that I believe to be an excellent example for us all to follow. His only mode of transportation is by bicycle because of his disabilities. Instead of looking at this as a limitation; he has embraced it and developed quite a passion for bicycles. Currently his favorite (and only) mode of transportation is a Blue Cannondale F7. Recently he upgraded some of his components on his bikes and now he’s happier than ever. The most astounding thing is how much Mark mark1understands the tiniest details in these intricate parts that makeup a somewhat complicated mountain bike.
As a show of appreciation for his years of supporting Hutch’s we chose to help Mark a little bit and donate some additional upgrades which included changing out his 8 speed components for nine speed. Now he’s shifting as smooth and quick as ever!

Why? Well in this business we feel that appreciation can sometimes come in small doses and a good lesson from Bill Hutchinson himself was that when you are interested in your customers, they will be interested in you; so when you appreciate your customers, they to will appreciate you.