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California Sunshine? part two

In Uncategorized on December 31, 2007 at 2:31 AM

The coastal village of Half Moon Bay is our base for the last three days of our stay. All the rides can be accessed by bike, so it isn’t necessary to get in the car if you don’t wish. Restaurants abound in town, however Palo Alto is only a half-hour away and Santa Cruz is just an hour. The Half Moon Bay Lodge provides breakfast and has an excellent outdoor spa tub overlooking the golf course behind the property–really nice when you don’t find California sunshine in January.

Tunitas Creek is the starting point for all our rides in this area. Once you climb to the top of the ridge you can go north, south or east and find yourself a ride of any length you desire. On our last trip we found Pescadero looping off our usual route and it was immediately the favorite of each of us. Beautiful remote roads leading back to a longer rolling section of Stage Road following the coastline back to our usual stop at the San Gregorio General Store. Warm coffee and a pot-bellied stove awaits you inside, after you park your bike in the bike stand and remove your cycling shoes. Oh, if you need a candle, raccoon trap, a diaper or a shot of tequila (18 different kinds) they have that as well.

This is our second year of staying in Half Moon Bay and we look forward to exploring a bit more than we did last year. On our agenda is lunch at Barbara’s Fish Trap, surfer watching and pie at Duarte’s Tavern in Pescadero; good coffee and a laundry facility is on our list of “to find”.

In the past, we used Morgan Hill California for our home base. Besides being the home of Specialized Bicycle Company, it has some fun little rides and is centrally located to many other great rides. The other thing it has going for it is my favorite restaurant of all times. When I feel that I’m blowing it out of proportion, I eat there again and fall in love all over again.

After the ride in Morgan Hill, we usually head down to Carmel and ride the Seventeen Mile Drive loop along the coastline of the Pebble Beach area. One year the sun left us as we hit the oceanside and the rest of the ride was so dark you couldn’t see the rider in front of you. An excellent place to eat in Pacific Grove is Peppers Mexicali Cafe as the food is abundant and the service has always been fantastic. This restaurant was brought to our attention by Craig and Nicole Demars from their years of competing at the Sea Otter Classic.


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