Creating a Cycling Family

Who We Are.

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Hutch’s Bicycle Store was founded by Earl Hutchinson in 1927 in Eugene, Oregon. Earl was famous for keeping the conversation going as he walked the customer out the door to their car with their purchase. Sure he was providing great customer service, but more than anything he enjoyed the company of his customers.

Billy Hutchinson grew up learning these lessons from his father. Born the same year that Hutch’s was opened, Billy worked side by side with his father until he decided, as an adult, that he would stay on to keep his father’s hard work a reality. Hutch’s changed as the times changed and it grew as the bicycle industry grew. Leading that charge from small town repair shop to a nationally recognized bicycle recreation store, the lessons of the father were never forgotten. Treat each person the best that you can. If you fail in a particular instance, do it better next time.

I started at Hutch’s in 1981 and have literally been told thousands of times of the kindness of the Hutchinson family and what that meant to them over the years. Sixty year old men remembering that when they were ten, Earl had let them buy a bike a few dollars a month so they could work their paper route, travel to school and ride with their friends. A bike was and is a powerfully emotional tool. The connection a person feels to their bicycle is strong and this is who we are; bicycle riders.

This blog will chronicle the people that made Hutch’s what it is today and the people that will make Hutch’s what it will be in the future. It was them, it is us and it has always been you. Please feel free to contribute to the story of Hutch’s bicycle store. This is your store and we want everyone to know your experiences as they are added to this blog.

  1. I’m a bike geek and I have way too many bikes including tandems, multiple road singles, mountain bikes and even pair of unicycles. Even some of my kids have more than one bike. I first came into Hutch’s Bike Shop in 1993. Over the years I developed relationships with the staff. They know their stuff, they do good work and they treat people with respect. Sure, the primary focus is sales, and I’ve purchased 7 or 8 bikes and countless items from them. But the thing I value most is the personal greeting when I walk in the door. I feel valued and I likewise I trust the staff. It’s a place to hang out, browse and visit. They didn’t pay me to say this stuff, but maybe I can get a discount on my next bike???

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